top 10 Best Pokémon Gym Leaders

top 10 Best Pokémon Gym Leaders

 Clay Clay is the first gym leader to specialize in the ground type, and he was one of the toughest opponents Ash faced.

Folkner Faulkner may have been the first gym leader that players have to fight for gold and silver, but he had more than just a Pizzie and Pizzotto when he faced off against Ash.

Volkner Volkner is the third Gym Leader to specialize in Electric Pokémon and is the most powerful of all Electric Gym Leaders.

 Blaine Every 90s kid remembers this epic showdown.

Roxie Roxy may not be the strongest trainer in Black 2 and White 2; She was a hard rocker when she went up against Ash.

Clair Claire is one of the toughest gym leaders ever. Whereas dragon-type pokemon have been even out in the last few years.

Whitney It's the gym leader who made millions of kids throw their Gameboys in desperation. 

Wulfric You know a Gym Leader will be in the top three when you have to use Mega Evolution against it.

Drake Drake is the only gym leader not featured in any Pokemon game.

Sabrina Sabrina was a gym leader's headache for Ash and the gang. Somehow, she was able to grow her abra into a kadabra in just seconds.