best Minecraft SMP servers in 2022 ❤️

CosmicSurvival Earth SMP

For Minecraft players who want an interesting map as far as a server goes, Cosmic Survival Earth SMP is an excellent pick.

Tulip Survival SMP

A straightforward SMP server with a few perks for aspiring Minecraft players, Tulip SMP is a US-based server that sports consistent uptime and a committed community.

Melon SMP

MelonSMP is a Minecraft server that hosts various different survival worlds named after different fruits including apple, pear and watermelon.


An established Minecraft server sporting several years of operation under its belt, FadeCloud is an excellent one-stop server for SMP.


Incorporating SMP gameplay with Factions PvP, Towny, and more, MineSuperior offers everything a Minecraft player could want.


A thriving Minecraft server with an engaged and friendly community, LemonCloud offers several different game modes including SMP.


One of the longest running servers Minecraft players can still enjoy, ManaCube has SMP gameplay along with several other intense game modes.

Survive With Us

A near-vanilla Minecraft survival experience, Survive With Us is a brand new server with lots of room left to grow.


A candy-themed Minecraft server with a maximum player count in the thousands, OPBlocks' SMP is one of the most populous players out there today.

Complex Gaming

A Minecraft megaserver tries to meet the needs of multiple players, Complex Gaming wears many hats and also offers SMP gameplay.