10 Best Minecraft 1.19 Texture Packs

Every year, Minecraft developer Mojang brings new features to the game, including new biomes, mobs, gameplay changes, and more.

Please note that newer versions of the game refer to "Texture Packs" as "Resource Packs".  They both work the same way, except the resource pack includes custom sounds.

Epic Adventures

Aiming for the best with our first Minecraft 1.19 Texture Pack, Epic Adventures can make your game as realistic as some popular modern game titles.

Xray Ultimate

Xray Ultimate Texture Pack is banned in most of the best Minecraft servers and probably for good reason.

 FalleBare Bones

Bare Bones is one of the most popular Minecraft texture packs for the past few updates.

Fancy GUI Overhaul

As the name suggests, Fancy GUI Texture Pack just affects your graphical interface.

 Winthor Medieval

Additionally, it has a private discord server with a few hundred members, making it a Bedrock server's fairly large player base.


If you really want to make Minecraft feel like a brand new game, Tooniverse is the perfect resource pack for you.

7. Faithless

Faithless is very different from most of the texture packs on our list in terms of purpose.  All the changes this texture pack has brought to the game have been made to make it more combat friendly.