10 best building ideas for Minecraft 1.19 2022

Thanks to new block types such as mangrove wood and clay bricks, Minecraft players have managed to build many new unique ones.

However, this should not distract the attention of the existing blocks of the game, as they also have a lot of utilities left.

Regardless, the Minecraft community's creative drive seems to be endless, as we posted even more notable builds online this month.

Minecraft's new mangrove swamp biome has a lot to offer.  In addition to hordes of new frogs and blocks of soil, players can also harvest mangrove trees for their wood.

Mangrove Swamp House

Clay blocks are one of the new implementations in Minecraft 1.19, and they can take a variety of forms, including standard clay, packed clay, and clay bricks.

 Mud Hut

Minecraft has great features for building a trading hall.  These structures contain several villagers, where players can trade at their leisure and then go about their business.

Mud Brick Trading Hall

This build from Cindersmith could very well be for PvP servers.  The amphitheater is mainly carved out of blackstone and sandstone, which creates an interesting color contrast.


Version 1.19 introduced a new music disc labeled "5".  The disc has some pretty terrifying music and sounds, leading some in the Minecraft community to believe that a creature may have been recorded on it.

Disc 5 Creature

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