top 10 Best Anime Idol Groups

The Rockies - Sekko Boys

With an absolutely iconic earworm of an opening theme song, and featuring cameo performances from famous voice actors like Attack on Titan's Takehito Koyasu, Sekko Boys is a pretty unique idol show.

AKB0048 - AKB0048

In a fun twist on the idol genre, AKB0048 is set after an interplanetary war that caused humans to flee their homes.

Liella - Love Live: Superstar

A cute and hilarious anime that's just as poignant in any way, Love Live! Superstar features five different girls who work together to form the idol group Leela.


Each of the seven members of IDOLISH7 has a number in its name, for example Nanase is designated for the number 7 and serves as the center of the group.

Girls Dead Monster 

A slice-of-life anime that will definitely make anyone cry, Angel Beats! Follows a group of students who are trapped in a school in the afterlife.

SoLaMi Smile - PriPara

Lala is the main character of Pripara (Prism Paradise), part of the Pretty Rhythm Idol franchise.

Franchouchou - Zombie Land Saga

One of the best anime about zombies, and possibly the most excited, Zombie Land Saga is a hilariously off-the-wall anime about seven girls who are resurrected from the dead and made to become the famous idol. Is.

Happy Around! - D4DJ First Mix

happy all around! Stands out among idol groups for its mix of DJ-ing and idol singing.