10 Anime Characters With The Best Nicknames

Multiple Blue Rings

In anime, heroes and villains have similar surnames which can be both more memorable and more important than their given names.

Fans remember nicknames like My Hero Academia Deku, while they struggle to remember details like surnames and family ties.

Gogeta Has A Conflicted Personality (Dragon Ball)

Spies Hide Their True Identities (Spy X Family)

Trafalgar D. Water Law's Is A True Surgeon Of Death (One Piece)

Sinbad Is A Rare Miracle (Magi: Adventure of Sinbad)

Ryuga Lives Up To His Draconic Title (Beyblade)

Obito's Parting Gift Made Kakashi Famous (Naruto)

The Undead King Is A Bit Overconfident (Overlord)

Kirei Had A Warped Mind From Birth (Fate/Zero)