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PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update (bgmi/Pubg update) 🔥😱

pubg 1.9 update release date, features download and related information and how to download latest version of 1.9 update and its pubg mobile 1.9 update with details.

This update launched in beta version, in addition to beta, new advanced features are available in Global 1.9 update.

PUBG MOBILE 1.9 Update 2022

Download PUBG MOBILE 1.9.0 is the version of the multiplayer battle royale game PUBG developed by KRAFTON. The game is fun as you fight enemies by traveling through the most exciting maps and picking up the best equipment you can find. This is a game for team players, but you can play it singly/pair/in a team of 4 players at a time.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Release Date: Check full 1.9 Update Patch Notes here

Fourth Anniversary Celebration themed gameplay is here! More gifts and more fun! Enjoy the anniversary celebrations to the fullest!

HOW TO ENTER: Mode Selection – Rank Mode – Erangel Themed Map / Livik Themed Map.

Colorful Spawn Island – Players can use 4 different colored balls on the spawn island to paint 4 giant statues in their favorite color to trigger a special display in themed mode!

Aerial Battleground

Jump into a lively aerial battlefield and wear colorful outfits. When players collide with enemies, the head cover will enlarge and float in the sky. Players will return to the battle royale battlefield after they are finished.

When players collide with teammates, the head cover will shrink and return to the air battlefield field. The lively aerial battleground is only available in the first 5 minutes of matches, so check it out now!

Colorful Bicycles

Pick up a folding mountain bike on the map and open it in your backpack to use it as a one-person vehicle. This bike doesn’t need to be refueled or recharged, it makes barely any noise when in use, can’t be dismantled, and can be carried in a backpack at any time for quick relocation later.

Massive Resource Camp- Vibrant Plaza. Check out the bicycle exhibit and other special anniversary areas. Additional supply crates are waiting for you!

Small Resource Camp- Vibrant Camp. View memory displays voted on by players, and activate them to re-live happy moments. Collect combat supplies and souvenirs.

New small scale military-themed camp – Vehicle Scanning: Vehicle Radar has been added. Activate it to know the location of nearby vehicles to easily find them.

  • Anniversary-themed graffiti created by players appears on nearby buildings. Watch them with your teammates.
  • Firearms Depot: Find the access card to open the Firearms Depot on the second floor to obtain additional supplies.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update APK size for iOS and Android devices

It seems that some important information regarding the release of the PUBG Mobile 1.9 update has been leaked as a screenshot of a discord message is doing the rounds on various social media platforms.

According to this image, the 1.9 update will be about 749MB in size for Android users and will more than double in size to about 1.88GB for all iOS users. For now, the update hasn’t gone live, but it will soon be available to all users through their respective digital marketplaces such as the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Additionally, Android users can go ahead and install the 1.9 update directly through the APK file that is officially available on the PUBG Mobile website. However, the file related to this particular update is yet to be uploaded by the developers.

One thing to note is that, PUBG Mobile players are better off downloading the 1.9 update as soon as it becomes available because apparently “players from different versions won’t be able to invite each other”.

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