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Top 5 Best Video Games To Play This Month june 2022

June 2022 is going to be a huge month for gaming announcements and releases. Here are five titles gamers should be checking out this month. June is always a huge month for the gaming industry, even when the actual games come out.

Even without E3, June 2022 would be no exception, as Microsoft and Sony have already announced the showcase, The Game Awards’ Summer Game Fest will return for a third year, and Nintendo in the coming weeks until mid-June.

I can declare direct. The coming weeks will certainly be filled with exciting announcements, but beyond that, there are a variety of exciting games coming to all platforms.

While the past two months have been pretty quiet and marked more by delays than new releases, June may soon be changing things up with a variety of indie and AAA games.

5 new video games releasing this June

June 2022 was shaping up to be another slow month for video game releases as developers prepare their E3 announcements, even though E3 won’t happen this year.

But the month ended with a pretty decent lineup of titles, including some horror games, new content or spin-offs to several long-running franchises, some nostalgia-infused releases, and that controversial Diablo game finally revealed.

Used to be. Sports lovers are getting something too – an offroad racing game is coming and Super Mario is playing football again.

1. Mario Strikers: Battle League

Arcade-style sports games are a rare breed these days. In an environment filled with realistic simulation, it’s refreshing to watch Luigi Tornado-spike a soccer ball through Bowser’s crooked claws with blazing abandon.

Battle League is the newest iteration in the football-inspired Mario Strikers series, and it delivers the fun of an action-intensive game without the silly things getting in the way.

Electrified fences line the area, and super powers and items are used to devastate opponents. This is a true evolution of the beautiful game.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

We were obliged to include an unknown game on this list because they are just that good! Previous entries in the series focused more on pure action elements. With A Thief’s End, Nathan Drake finally grows up.

Don’t get us wrong – there are plenty of action sequences and beautiful environments touring through the stage. However, this time around you get a story that not only matches the smooth gameplay but can even surpass it.

Naughty Dog also shows off his development skills through gameplay. The graphics and physics engine are at their peak. Very few modern games are able to harness the power of a gaming console and use it well.

Furthermore, the story will keep you hooked as it combines intimate social drama with the over-the-top antics of the entire game. You must experience this game for yourself, as no words can do justice to its brilliance.

3. Pokemon Legends Arceus

Very few game series are as happy in their own skin as Pokémon. The formula doesn’t really change, and there’s something quite comforting about it. But if you’re looking for a Pokémon that does things a little differently, Pokémon Legends Arceus is as bold as they come.

Pokemon Legends Arceus isn’t an open world game, but it feels more open than any Pokemon game before it, and because the game is set in a past when little was known about these strange monsters, Instead the emphasis is on finding Bigmouth is battling gym leaders.

Ultimately you’re still going to end up trying to catch them all, but Arceus gives you more ways to do that, and if you’re a longtime fan of the series, it’s best to watch Pokémon roam the vast landscape and build your character.

Knowing is the first thing to face them. it’s exciting. This game feels like a blueprint for a different approach to the enduring RPG series, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

4. Doom Eternal

Exploring Doom Eternal’s wicked hellscape is more enjoyable than expected in a game that boasts brutality and violence.

Players travel through futuristic alien worlds, cosmopolitan cities torn by monstrous corruption, and towering buildings drawing inspiration from Renaissance-era architecture.

Further enhanced by its extensive color palette, the atmosphere of Doom Eternal is so stunningly beautiful that every moment is needed to reflect and appreciate the sights. Doom Eternal understands the franchise very well, being so wrapped up in its own memes that it’s often hard to connect with its more serious moments.

As complicated as the story is, it quickly backfires, throwing the player into demon-killing action without wasting time. Thankfully, the narrative moves towards the latter half and wraps things up in an epic fashion.

5. Fallout: New Vegas

With its distinctly Old West-tinged approach to the post-nuclear wasteland, game-changing decisions, and flexible ways of completing its quests, Fallout: New Vegas not only earned a spot as the best game in the Fallout series , but rather one of the best RPGs ever.

Obsidian takes the openness and flexibility of Bethesda’s Fallout 3 to a whole new level with more dark humor, memorable characters, and interesting stat-dependent dialogue choices that make each play feel tailored to your character’s strengths and weaknesses.

And the fact that you, a nameless no-courier, rose from nothing to become the person who decides the fate of the region, gives you a real sense of control and power.

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2 Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp. By Ryan Bamsey.
3 Life Is Strange Remastered Collection. By Stacey Henley.
4 The Witcher 3. By James Troughton.
5 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. By Meg Pelliccio.
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1 Garena Free Fire.
2 Despicable Me: Minion Rush.
3 Jetpack Joyride.
4 PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) Mobile.
5 Fruit Ninja.
6 Clash Of Clans.

1 Lovestruck Voltage.
2 Friday Night Funkin.
3 Twilight Imperium.
4 Outriders.
5 Gyee.
6 Starlancer.
7 Grand Piece Online (Roblox)
8 Bugsnax.