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how To increase FPS and performance in Free Fire

Every player playing free fire wants to improve his gaming performance and want to get a good rank Keeping the issue in mind, today we have brought detailed information about how to increase FPS in the game play of Free Fire.

But before that you should first have complete information about FPS like what is FPS last and many other important topics will be discussed in detail, so let’s start without any delay.

what is FPS?

Whenever the game is played, FPS plays a big role in the game, FPS means frames per second, the faster the frames, the smoother the game looks. Whenever the player plays the game, he needs a lot of frame rate, the higher the framerate, the more correctly the player will be able to play and the player will not face any kind of obstacle.

The frame rate is controlled on the device, what kind of processor is installed inside the device and the better the processor, the better the gaming performance can be found.

how to increase FPS in free fire

To increase FPS in Free Fire, you should optimize the sensitivity settings of Free Fire better. To make FPS properly in Free Fire first of all some key settings of Free Fire should be optimized well, if string is optimized properly then chances of getting better FPS will increase.

60FPS-90FPS is counted as the best FPS while playing the game. We have given you some tips to increase the FPS of Free Fire and following these steps will increase your chances of increasing your gaming FPS.

Step 1: You have to open the settings of your mobile and after opening the setting, you have to tab the display option, after that you will get the option of screen mode, after that you have to select the Vivid option and increase the colors by one percent.

By turning on this option, color accuracy will increase in your gaming performance and you will get to see a better color combination in game play and you will see a lot of improvement in your gaming performance.

step 2: You have to open the settings of the mobile and in the display option you will get the option of resolution, after selecting it, HD display will be selected by default, you have to remove it and select HD plus display.

After turning on this option, your display will look realistic, while playing the game, you may see an increase in graphics and you will see the game more realistic, it will also make a big contribution in graphics and FPS in your gaming performance.

Stap 3: In mobile you have to open settings and you will see a search bar, on that search bar you have to search number builder and after opening software developer option you have to tab 7 times on web builder option, after tab software developer option will be turned on. Inside that you will see an option of graphic driver, you have to tab that option and open it, after opening you have to select your favorite game and enhance its graphics.

By turning on this option, gaming performance will increase. The work of this option is to increase the graphics, and if you have turned on this option, then you will see a lot of improvement in your gaming graphics and FPS will also start performing at a very high level.

conclusions: To increase the gaming performance of Free Fire, a good processor will be required, you will not be able to increase its performance through any third party application, so you will need a good mobile which will have a good processor to increase the gaming performance.

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