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top 10 biggest anime fandoms in the history of japanese TV series

Anime, refers to animation or cartoon. The word is a shortened pronunciation of “animation” in Japanese, where the term refers to any animation, no matter the country. For Westerners, the term refers to the animation of Japan.

Contrary to what many people think, anime is not a genre, but a medium, and in Japan animated films are made with different content, within all possible and imaginable genres (comedy, horror, drama, science fiction, etc.). is manufactured.

top 10 Most popular anime in Japan ever

Have you seen any Japanese vitality or anime? If yes, do you find it interesting? Well, most of the anime in Japan point to fantastic stories and they are generally about supernatural power. About Top 10 Popular Anime in Japan.


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Studio Bones’ breakout superhero action drama returns for its fifth season as UA high school students are thrown into more precarious danger with greater stakes. Following his confrontation with the super-powered Nomu at the end of last season, My Hero Academia Season 5 deals heavily in Endeavor’s recovery,

Hero Hawks works undercover to take down the League of Villains from the inside, and Deku. Reveals a new aspect of himself. As Quirk One For All he delves deeply into the history of his predecessors and their relationship to the villainous All For One.


During introduction to Western audiences, Naruto had a case that was similar but different to Bleach. The series is one that is arguably the most popular of all anime in the West,

as it has reached cultural phenomenon status and is one that even some non-anime fans may recognize. Toonami and the constant saying that this was going to be the next Dragon Ball Z helped the series rise to fame in the West.

3. Pokemon

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Pokemon is a fun show that not only has adventure and action but also teaches kids many moral lessons as it is also an anime aimed at kids. The main character of the anime is Satoshi, a 10-year-old boy who has always dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer.

His dream is about to come true, but all three Pokémon are already taken for beginners. Only the Rebel Electric Pokemon named Pikachu is left. Satoshi and Pikachu set out on a journey together and become the best of the best. That’s when their adventure begins!

4. One-Punch Man

What started out as a popular webcomic went on to become perhaps the best satirical series any longtime anime fan can appreciate. While new fans may thoroughly enjoy One Punch Man for its humor and beautiful fight sequences,

it’s hardcore fans who have experienced every shonen anime trope that will really appreciate this series’ brilliant satire. It’s hard to imagine a show about a dude who can destroy anyone in a single punch, sustaining itself for much longer, but it’s been running for over a decade, with There is no sign of slowing down.

5. Attack on Titan

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Attack on Titan is set to continue next year with its final season in 2023, eventually delivering the final episode of the conflict between Paradis Island and the Marley Nation.

With Titan’s popularity under attack thanks to the second half of season four, Studio MAPPA is all set when it comes to finally ending the story of Eren Jagger and the Scout Regiment.

6. Demon Slayer

If you had an internet connection during 2019, you probably saw more than one photo of a boy with a pig’s head or a girl with some sort of bamboo in his mouth.

Demon Slayer was one of the most popular shonen of 2019 so far and is a trend that continues into 2022. The story was already full of action and fighting in two seasons and it was a gateway to the genre for many who, until that time, were not encouraged to consume this type of Japanese series.

7. One Piece

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Originally a manga, One Piece follows the events of Gol D. Twenty-two years after the execution of Roger, interest in the One Piece treasure is waning. Many have given up on it.

with some wondering if it really exists. Although pirates are still a threat to the local people, the Navy has become more effective in countering their attacks on all four seas: East Blue, North Blue, West Blue and South Blue.

8. Death Note

Death Note continues to reign as one of the best anime series of all time. It’s a common show that people not familiar with anime watch come to the animated film scene.

as it avoids any of the weird, funny, and sometimes distorted tropes that other anime have. Death Note is reputed for the psychological games drawn between the main characters and the plot twists at every turn.


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Telling the story of a fighter trained by his wealthy mother to follow in his father’s footsteps, BAKI is an anime that chronicles its central character’s fight against five violent death row prisoners who are in Tokyo to fight him. Descend.

The bones of the series are about the tortuous relationship between a father and a son, but there’s a lot of action in the rest, before the character goes to war with his father.

10. Detective Conan

With over a thousand episodes under its belt, over twenty movies, and zero signs of slowing down. There is only one truth, and that is that Conan’s crime-solving adventures are going to outweigh all of us. A national treasure,

it has maintained its position as the fourth best-selling manga of all time for the fair, while it has now sold over 200 million copies. We’re not sure how many more crimes the pint-sized detective can solve by this point, but given that there’s still no end in sight, the anime is bound to continue its steady stream of success.

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