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the best-minecraft-bedrock-seeds

If you ever get tired of endless searching for meager rewards in Minecraft, Seeds are the best way to reign in the chaos. A seeded world will always look the same, so you can easily make a clean start and correct any beginner mistakes.

In this article, we will focus on some of the most interesting seeds for both new and returning Minecraft players. There are a lot of seeds to go around, so you won’t be exhausting your options anytime soon.

Savannah, Canyon, and Badlands

image source :

Seed: 495603

Put on your desert boots and grab your pickaxe as we’re headed to the dunes in this seedling. Here you will find a vast canyon full of earth pyramids and a wealth of materials to get creative with your crafting.

When you’re done with the desert, you can head out and discover some of the rare biomes located in this seedling, including the forest and the Tall Birch Forest.

Village Stuck in Swamp

Seed Code: 618942075558609331

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a unique swamp village. But what if we could trap an existing village inside a new swamp biome? Here our seed does exactly as it does by spreading a desert village surrounded by mangrove swamps.

The scene here is not only ironic but also amusing in many ways. Luckily, the village is a zombie, so no real villagers are trapped here.

Villages and Pyramids Everywhere

image source :

Seed: 661979563

Take a look at the above screenshot. How many NPC formations can you see? If the answer is less than 5, take a closer look.

That’s right, this desert and badland seed is an absolute godsend when it comes to the spawn of the early village and desert pyramid. You definitely won’t be short of an early meal and sleep, that’s for sure!

Biome War Island

Seed: 5890542

In this seed there is a huge island suitable for royalty. Spawn Island spans a massive 2,500-block in diameter and contains almost every biome and structure introduced in Minecraft 1.19.

It also provides most biomes from previous updates and many checkpoints and villages. Almost every resource in the game is available to spawn, which helps push the island to the best Bedrock Seeds list as of early 1.19.

Huge Mansion by a River

image source :

Seed: 61745200092846642

Another map that will cool you down and let you relax this summer. At -930, -4, -494 coordinates, you can swim and go sailing on a river.

take a break inside a sprawling mansion nearby, then go on an adventure inside a lush cave below can go. Credits to ashh.xk for finding this perfect summer retreat.


Seed: 262834868

If you’re interested in learning what a pillar post can do for a village, you’ll undoubtedly want to check out this seed. You turn north where all the action takes place, and traveling a short distance from the mesa biome to the icy spikes below.

you’ll see an outpost and three nearby villages. Take down the captain of the outpost, get your bad omen effect, and go to raid a village. An absolutely great seed if you’re coming back to Minecraft after a few significant updates, and Vista’s not bad either.

Windswept Village

image source :

Seed: -144545965546022897

If what you’re looking for is cold it offers seeds. Not only that, you’ll find a very quiet wind-blown biome along with the village site in a precarious location under a high peak.

Ice spike ringed village

Seed: 105849523

For a cold start, this tundra village is almost entirely surrounded by spikes of snow. It’s a beautiful place to connect with the locals or just go on the move.

There is a nearby pillar post outside the Ice Spike Ring, which as of version 1.19 has two captive allies for your defense and befriending.

King of Bedrock

image source :

Seed: 1663935988

The Woodland Mansion is just 500 blocks away from the spawn point. You will find that this seed can become one of your last homes once it is settled there.

Almost all overworld biomes and structures are found within 2000 blocks of spawn (except igloos). A village situated just above a citadel is not far from the haveli.

3 Strongholds Within 1500 Blocks

Seed: 4364519598890647509

The Bedrock version has a notorious history of strongholds generation, and this continues in the new updates as well.

Our next Minecraft 1.19 seed gives us three unique strongholds within 1500 blocks of our spawn. You can use any of them to jump to the last dimension later in the game.

Village, Swamp and Mesa

image source :

Seed: 902442027

A seed posted on Reddit by user broncanohorse, which is using a realistic world shadow shader. If you don’t use this specific shader it will look a little (or a lot) different.

A village, a swamp and mesa, everything near the spawn point. What a lovely seed!

Extreme Hills Island

Seed: 171182221

Want to create a wonderful Minecraft world for yourself? here you go. Extreme Hills Island is a Minecraft seed that you can use to develop your own colorful world. In this seed you will lay eggs near a mountainous island. What makes this seed unique in Minecraft is

Triple Blacksmith Village

image source :

Seed: –590916043

This is the best seed if you need some weapon forging. Many other seeds allow you crafting while this seed is a new top on your list of making axes and swords.


I hope this article helps you choose a new trip for this month. Since we have mentioned the coordinates along with other notable details, this will help you to locate these seeds easily and start your journey.

These Minecraft Bedrock Seeds come with probably the best scenarios and a lot more interesting content that will surely catch your interest.

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Where to find and how to tame the street. Allay really has no natural habitat of its own. You’ll find them captive at Pillar Outpost and Woodland Mansion, which means you’ll have to embark on a rescue mission to befriend one.

1 Brennenburg Castle: -577384543.
2 Giant Portal Village: -567784840.
3 Massive Mushroom Island: -1743547513.
4 Triple Blacksmith Village: -590916043.
5 Center of the World: 2111844826.
6 Mountain Above the Clouds: -969535336.

1 Diamonds inside ravine.
2 Diamonds in a sinkhole.
3 Savanna Village, shipwreck and buried treasure.
4 Blacksmith Villages.
5 Ravine and abandoned mineshaft.