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top 4 Most Inspirational Anime of all time

Thanks to the current problems and issues of the world, finding inspiration is like finding a four-leaf clover in a sunflower field. Although it is not impossible, it can be quite difficult to accomplish the task.

Luckily, just when we feel like our motivational tanks are running on smoke, we dive into the world of anime—not quite literally—and absorb the anime that makes us believe anything is possible!

We once saw some of our favorite motivational anime but we knew it was time for an updated list! Here are our new Top 5 Motivational Anime that will bring the drive of life back to your hearts!

1. Gymnastics Samurai

This legendary sports anime set in 2002 follows the story of pro-gymnast Jotaro Aragaki, a former Olympian who could never achieve a gold medal. Now 29 years old, Jotaro is ready to formally retire, as he feels he will never be able to improve again.

After talking with her coach, spending time with her daughter, and meeting a curious self-proclaimed “ninja” named Leo, Jotaro decides to remain a gymnast for a while, advancing her retirement.

did. The show highlights the persistence that professional athletes need to achieve great things, along with the importance of trusting and motivating those around them.

The characters are relatable, the music adds to the really powerful events, and the animation is a delight to watch. This sports anime is only one season long as of 2020, with a possible season 2 coming in the future.

2. Run with the Wind

Inspired by the novel by Shion Miura, Run with the Wind is the story of trying your hardest against the odds. Even with the thinnest reason to do so.

Our hero Kakeru is accused of shoplifting and running away from the spot on foot. Caught by a boy named Haiji, who wants Kakeru to join him as a professional sprinter.

Heiji wants to compete in Hakok Ekiden with eight others, so he joins the arrangement with free accommodation and food. The only downside? Outside of Kakeru and Haji, they can’t run at all – let alone an intense marathon relay run.

It’s one of the best and most overlooked sports anime to watch, and is consistently tangled up with a great pace and great direction.

3. Rock Lee

Rock Lee is a fictional character in the anime series called Naruto. He lacks the skills required to become a ninja which are ninjutsu and ninjutsu. But he works harder and becomes stronger than many shinobi.

This is one of the best anime quotes to look forward to. This quote was given by one of the main characters of the Rock Lee series. There are so many goals that everyone makes but they give up when they see that they cannot achieve them.

And this is human nature. The quote says how you can achieve anything and surpass anyone with the handicraft that you work hard for your goal and you can beat anyone and achieve anything.

4. Attack on Titan

Be prepared for another package of goosebumps. The story of Attack on Titan written by Akihiro Yamauchi is really amazing and unique. Anime is full of life lessons and goosebumps.

Action, drama, emotion etc. You will get to see everything in this anime. The story focuses on humanity. Giant creatures that eat human flesh are called Titans.

The story begins with a boy named Eren Yeager who promises to himself that he will bring back humanity with justice. This anime will surely make you think that the world is indeed a cruel place to live in.

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1 Naruto – the most toxic anime fandom ever.
2 Even though the anime had finished airing years ago, the number of toxic anime fans in this fandom is still high.
3 These are the people who can’t help but call every other shonen anime a rip-off of Naruto.
4 “Black clover? 5 “Jujutsu Kaisen?

6 “Izuku Midoriya?