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Golf Ritual in 2022: Watch a Major, Then Think LIV

Newly crowned Open champion Cameron Smith is in talks to switch to the LIV Golf Invitational Series, according to fellow Australian and former Open winner Ian Baker-Finch.

In 48 hours after unfurling the claret jug in St Andrews, Smith has been linked with a multi-billion-dollar Saudi-backed tour. The 28-year-old Queenslander was on the defensive when asked about his future during the press conference after his win on Sunday, telling the inquiring journalist: “I just won the British Open and you’re asking about it. I think it’s great… not so good.”

“I understand people over 40, who can’t beat young people anymore. I get it, I totally understand it. Go play, have a good time, make good money for your family. I I understand it all. I hate the way they are saying that other tours have not done well by them or are not doing well.

“I wish it wasn’t so belligerent, I wish it wasn’t ruining the ecosystem as we know it. Smithy’s has already won $8m [this year]. I think it’s good enough.” The guy who leads the tour there this year will win $30m. How can you complain? If you want to play LIV, play on that tour. Say goodbye. But don’t ruin the system or that system. Don’t speak ill of who has made so many millionaires.”

LIV Golf, PGA Tour better learn how to coexist

None of the major 2022 championships followed the PGA Tour’s move and suspended LIV golf players, including some of the best in the world. But there appears to be a movement on the part of the governing bodies of the Masters, R&A, USGA and PGA of America, making it difficult for LIV players to qualify for the majors.

Right now, LIV doesn’t have access to any world ranking points, a primary criterion for players qualifying for the Major, PGA Tour holsters and everyone else who is plotting to rid themselves of LIV. There is a bullet for LIV

This, of course, would appear to be collusion, although all the governing bodies of the majors have been very careful not to get so much into their respective alignments with the PGA Tour.

The bottom line at the moment is this: Whether you like it or not, LIV Golf, which has gained a lot of momentum in recent months, with a number of top players joining in and many more rumors to follow, is not far off. going anytime soon. There is a lot of money behind this. Neither the PGA Tour nor anyone else in the game can compete with money.

The PGA Tour, which has been on the backfoot since LIV’s formation because its commissioner Jay Monahan did not take the rival tour seriously, is not helping the sport by suspending the players involved.

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