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What are the best guns to use in Fortnite?

It’s been more than a month since Fortnite flooded the map and introduced Season 3, and with it, we’ve got a Waterworld—with shark taxis, customizable umbrellas, and a never-opening world courtesy of dwindling waters.

The battle royale of the genre has been treated. But whether or not you’re into the new changes, one thing is consistent: Assassination is the name of the game, and to do so, you’ll need to know your go-to weapon—your ol’ loyalist.

Thanks to the research of esports experts at Unikrn, players of all abilities can now know for sure what the most powerful guns are in the game’s latest v13.30 build.


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With a reload time of 2.25 seconds, a mag size of 30, and a DPS of 246, this SMG is a spray-and-pray extravaganza designed to pepper your opponent close to mid-range.

This is the gun you’ll turn to in a construction fight, when you need to rip down those structures and shoot some soul-destroying shots at your opponents while they try and figure out how to defend . It’s rivaled by the new Combat SMG, but the Stinger’s manageable iteration tops it.

2. Thrasher

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Most SMGs feel almost the same. Since they make up for their losses in the shortest possible time, it is quite difficult to notice the difference between each of them. Based on statistics, Thrasher simply takes the crown because of its sheer damage output.

It’s almost a better spinoff of Founder’s Quickshot because it’s still available inside the game. With a serious damage-focusing perk set, the Thrasher simply takes off and turns into a laser beam.

3. Drum Shotgun

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When it comes to close combat, shotguns are the most reliable option gamers can ever have. The Drum Shotgun is one of the best weapons that loopers can use in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

The Normal version has a DPS of 172.8 while the Legendary version has a DPS of 208.8. This weapon fires and reloads 12 rounds at a time. Which makes it quite deadly in 1v1 situations.

4. Sniper rifles

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With Storm Scout un-vaulted for Season 7, it has quickly become one of the most popular snipers in the game. Storm Scout is sticking around for Season 8, and you’ll want to add it to your arsenal whenever possible, as it lets you know where the storm is headed next.

This makes it easy to plan ahead and be in a good sniping position before all the other players scramble at you. It can be purchased at the nearby Yellow Bridge, just east of Retail Row.


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Epic Games took the Burst Assault Rifle out of retirement and redesigned it as a thermal rifle once again. The last time it returned, developers reduced its bullet output. Chapter 3 Season 2 slapped the “Striker” tag on the Burst Rifle and gave it a real scope similar to the MK-7 from Season 1.

The general consensus is that nothing beats a striker burst rifle, and we’re inclined to agree. It delivers two bullets per detonation and has controllable recoil, making it an unstoppable force compared to Thermal and Ranger. That opinion may change once the building is returned to Fortnite.

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1 Common Pistol. With little to no accuracy for the target, the common pistol is considered one of the weakest guns in Fortnite Battle Royale. …
2 Revolver. …
3 Gray/Common Burst Assault Rifle. …
4 Hand Cannon. …
5 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle.

8 – Black Widow.
7 – Honor Guard.
6 – Double Helix.
5 – Black Knight.
4 – Special Forces.
3 – Galaxy.
2 – Renegade Raider.
1 – Aerial Assault Trooper.