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Tiger Woods unable to tame windy conditions, shoots first-round 78 at The Open

scheduled tribe. ANDREWES, Scotland – A wee lad pleaded in the “smile” three-row-deep gallery as Tiger Woods, with a rocky face and his head bowed, slowly approached the fourth tee at St Andrews.

Tiger Woods unable to tame windy conditions, shoots first-round 78 at The Open

An hour into his first round and a major Woods just couldn’t miss – a British Open in the house of golf – was starting off with a real grind. A difficult start saw him take his second shot at Swilcon Burn before he missed a short put to run a double-bogie. Then came a three-put for the bogie on the third hole.

By the time he had dropped two more shots at No. 7 after breaking into the bunker on the adjacent hole, Woods had passed 6-overs and followed the 15-time major winner, dressed in Tiger Hussey, as spectator. I looked disappointed.

Tiger Woods, unable to overcome windy conditions, scored 78 in the first round at The Open

Playing in one of his favorite events at his favorite course in the world, Tiger Woods showed a lot of rust in the opening round of 6 over 78 at the 150th Open Championship in St Andrews on Thursday.

For the first time since the third round of the PGA Championship in May, Woods’ score in 18 holes was the highest score of his career as a professional, which he scored as an amateur in the final at the Old Course. 1995 Open round.

Catching a bad break on his first tee, the ball from the 15-time major winner got a divot in the middle of the fairway at No 1 and later threw his approach into the barn in front of the green – as he did at St Andrews. In the first round of the 2015 Open.

Here’s a detailed analysis of how Woods fared during Round 1 of the British Open.

  • Tiger hits the tee shot and it lands on the left side of the fairway. He then hit the next shot in the divot and double bogeyed it at par 4.
  • Again, Tiger has a good T-shot after which shots give him a long chance in the birdie attempt. He saved the hole for a par.
  • Tiger hits the fairway from the tee to the left. His put still remains an issue as he pushed his birdie shot 5 feet ahead of the hole. He settles for a bogie.

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  • Tiger starts with Driver on par 4. The ball hits the rough and then comes back to the fairway. Though 10 feet from the hole, he leaves it short and settles down for another bogey. His playing mates finish the hole every 1 over.
  • With a manageable par 5, Tiger hits the fairway. His birdie put was close to the pin but didn’t make it. An opportunity to reduce the leaders was lost and he came to a draw.
  • Tiger once again hit the fairway. With a tack, he makes it to the edge of the green with a long putt for par. He makes it up and saves the hole. No one in the game group has made a birdie this round, and each is looking upwards on the leaderboard.
  • Tiger drove the ball to the fairway and almost slid to the green before rolling back down. He didn’t put enough speed behind a putt for the eagle, putting too much power behind a shot for a birdie. He finished with a par and tilted a hat to the crowd.

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