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Ludo King game download 2022 | ludo game download apk

ludo king is the first game in india which completed 500M downloads and this game came on February 20, 2016 this game is always on top. Ludo King is played in 30 countries and available in 14 languages.

This game is absolutely free, you can download it from many play stores, you can play this game both online and offline.

Ludo King is considered a popular game due to its “local multiplayer aspect”, which allows up to six people to play on the same phone, each with their own dice. It is interesting to see how it has “penetrated into the lower rungs of the socioeconomic segment, galvanizing a level that was not warmed up to the digital game“.

What is Ludo King’s trick to win?

select which color – In Ludo king, you should always choose green color, this color will help you a lot in winning, in this you will always get good numbers and there are chances of winning your game.

You have various mods of Ludo King available on the internet which claim to give free coins and many other things. But they work only in offline mode. They do not work in offline mode. but beware !! You may also be banned if you use a modified app so use it at your own risk.

Now coming to your question. You can create your own modified application of Ludo King (what you call hacking). For that you need to have knowledge about android app development so that you can decompile, modify and recompile apk file as per your need.

In the end I would like to say that games are for fun so play them fairly. You will lose interest in the games if you use their mods. And in the worst case it may happen that no one is ready to play with you because they may suspect that you have hacked the game.

Can you download Ludo King?

You can download Ludo king absolutely for free, in this game you get a lot of things for free, you get the option to buy many things, if you want, you can buy it.

How can I get unlimited coins in Ludo King?

Are you looking for Ludo King Mod Apk Download? If yes then you should land on clean sheet because I am working to distribute most advanced latest version of Ludo King Mod apk file with unlimited money and coins and easy wining. Ludo King is one of the top rated games on Google Play Store right now. So, without delay, let’s dive into it.

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, if the entire Android games have suddenly achieved rapid growth, it is no different from Ludo King. It is great to see that an Indian gaming app is crashing the smartphone gaming stage with a whirlwind. Amid this lockdown, it has generated five times more traffic than the original. Right now, Ludo King boasts of over 400M+ installations by over 50 million+ daily live users. This unexpected expansion has stunned even the writers and the originator.

Immediately, Ludo King has established itself as the No. 1 game in India for both Android and iOS devices. Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, it started with a dangerous movement against other related apps like Rummy or Teen Patti. But, the national lockdown in India has skyrocketed its fame.

Ludo King recalls a charming and traditional touch to those who performed strip games like Ludo or Snakes and Ladders during their teen years. It suggests both online and offline modes to play the game. It proposes that you can play outside with your friends or family without any physical contact.

Plus, the overall app is honest, and people with such limited scientific consciousness who have never played an online game can get it. Whatever the strength of the objective, the truth is that it is currently the 1 gaming app in India.

4). Wait for the right time for the counter:

As a Ludo King player, you have to be patient, because when your tokens enter the enemies zone, you will have to make your tokens sit on the stars and wait there for the best move.

3). What to do when you get your dice 6:

It all depends on the situation, when you are near your board your focus should be on reaching the winning board first. And if your opponent token is in your area, you can use number 6 to cut enemy token

2). Create a Fielding for the Opponent Token:

Suppose, your opponent has left only 2 tokens, the rest are on the board, now, if their 3rd token enters your area, your first duty is to sit your token on the stars where the opponent token is about to pass. This may increase the chances of the token being deducted.

1). Safest place in Ludo King:

As per Y analysis, 7th position is the safest place on Ludo King, after start or stop. If you have 6 and 1 on your dice then move your token to 7th position without any doubt.

Ludo King is a very interesting game that can be played by anyone. Here are some tips to make the game more enjoyable:1). Always aim for a six. The token cannot move until the player plays one of the six.2). If you hit a six once, you get another chance to roll the dice. However, hitting a six for the third time in a row will be missed.3). Make sure that your opponent’s token does not land on the position of your token as in such cases it is pulled back to its place.

4). Look for safe boxes marked in color, where if a token reaches, it cannot be pulled back by other tokens.