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Garena Free Fire: A basic beginner’s guide

Beginners can feel dazed and confused when playing Free Fire when they are up against players who are already experienced and have been playing the game for a long time. It is very important for you to know the dos and don’ts before you start playing any sport and achieve success. Here are several tips for gamers who are in the early stages of Free Fire.

Auto aim

If you’re using the default aiming accuracy, the auto-aim feature in Free Fire doesn’t work the way you want. It is recommended for you to choose Precise on Scope feature. It helps you in headshots to kill the enemy quickly.

These are the four steps to auto headshot tricks you should learn: crouch, scope zoom in, then crouch and fire. First, you lean to avoid bullets from enemies and take the time to touch the scope button. Then, drag the aiming point to the enemy’s head, and open fire.

The jump shot is also a pro headshot tip. When you jump, it’s harder for opponents to hit you with headshots. In addition, it is easier to shoot at the enemy’s head from a higher position.

Characters are more important than cosmetics

The cosmetics chosen in the game have no effect on the game itself. It only serves a cosmetic purpose and makes the character look cooler or more stylish. However, character selection itself is a very important process.

Players are given access to two characters—Adam and Eve—at the beginning of their gameplay, and when they earn enough diamonds they can unlock other characters, such as Misha and Nikita.

Tact over combat skills

The player may be eager to start a bloody battle the moment they are attacked, but the ultimate objective of the game is to survive as long as possible and prepare for the final match. Therefore, players should focus more on staying alive rather than engaging in direct combat.

Garena Free Fire provides video game enthusiasts with a legitimate gameplay experience and is downloaded and played for the same reasons. The simple tips discussed above will help you enjoy the game even more!

How to play Free Fire – A Beginners’ Guide

Friends, first of all you have to create an ID of Free Fire. After creating the ID you can play the game easily. To play Free Fire game you have to first open the game.

After opening, the home page of the Free Fire game will open in front of you, where you will see a variety of options! You will see the START button at the bottom to start the game. You have to click on that button. As soon as you click, it will start searching the lobby for you.

As soon as you reach the entrance, you will be taken in a plane and taken from the top of the map. Wherever you want to land, you have to click on the jump button at that place.

You will land on the site as soon as you jump. First, you have to find guns to kill your enemies. At once 50 people are released from the plane.

After that the blue zone starts coming. You have to get inside the area in time. Otherwise, your health decreases and you lose! Knowing inside the location you have to kill the enemies. If you survive to the end and destroy your last enemy, you win, and you are given a buoy.

It’s fine to land far and camp

Unlike some aggressive-style battle royale games, Free Fire rewards players more for surviving to the end of the game, even if it means avoiding fights. Maps are usually huge and the area tends to shrink later in the game. The first safe zone appears two minutes after the start of play and it gradually shrinks. The pace of the game will increase after the first full circle.

In Free Fire, not having the best loot possible doesn’t have to be harmful. The important thing is to be alert and react faster than the enemy. But it is especially difficult to run away from battle when you are targeted because aim assist will give the enemy the opportunity to easily follow your movement and kill you. If taken by surprise you must face the fight.

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