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Top 5 best JRPGs for Nintendo Switch Fans

Since the good old days of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy on the NES, year after year Nintendo has surprisingly continued to roll out one masterpiece after another, now bringing the immersive world of the JRPG genre to the Nintendo Switch.

bringing to light. Japanese roleplaying games or “JRPGs” are infamous among the gamer community for taking hundreds of hours to be absolutely jam-packed with epic storylines, memorable characters, and vast worlds to explore!

However, with so many daring and lively titles now available on Nintendo Switch, we have nominated some of our favorites that exemplify the best of the genre and will satisfy your fantasies of adventure!

Best Nintendo Switch JRPG

In the modern era of gaming, increasingly video games have become the scale and scale of traditional JRPGs that are downright expensive.

It’s not surprising that for some time most JRPGs have been developed on handhelds more than on consoles. But today, what’s left in one hand is the Nintendo Switch.

1. Rune Factory 4 Special

Typically, when people consider JRPGs, they envision turn-based gameplay and an epic world-saving plot. While these types of games make up the bulk of the subgenre, JRPGs still come in many shapes and sizes.

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Rune Factory 4 Special is a farming simulator with a side helping of dungeon crawling, love and romance, and a plot that tries not to distract players.

On the surface, it may seem like a messy hodgepodge of styles and ideas, but Rune Factory has a history of balancing its concepts to create a satisfying overall package. Rune Factory 4 Special is a relaxing delight, a JRPG that frees players to be part of a fascinating empire, while occasionally slaying monsters over the head with a sword.


Fire Emblem has had a strong following in the West since Fire Emblem: Awakening hit the 3DS in 2013. However, the game that took the series mainstream is 2019’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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Reusability, cute characters, and unique premise all combined to make this one of the best titles on the Nintendo Switch. However, unlike most of the entries on this list, Three House is a strategy RPG, considerably more complex and forgiving than your typical JRPG.

Luckily, the difficulty settings run the gamut from extremely easy to “crazy.” There’s also some great DLC for those who can’t get enough of the base game.

3. Lost Sphere

The Lost Sphere begins in the remote town of Elgarth, where a young boy named Kanata has a nightmare and discovers that his entire village has completely disappeared.

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The game has a storyline that escalates to absurd levels, with the protagonist fighting to save the world and the fabric of reality.

The game is heavily inspired by older JRPG titles, and it certainly borrows a lot from Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. The game is a sequel to I Am Setsuna and has some really cool ideas when it comes to gameplay and storytelling.

4. Saga Frontier Remastered 

The original Saga Frontier, now revamped, looks like it’s ahead of its time.

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There are several playable characters from which you can start your adventures, including characters who challenge gender, a playable female character with obvious romantic feelings for two different women, and overall A solid variety of female characters.

This remaster gives them all a nice solid shine, keeping some of the more dated elements to stay true to the original game while polishing off other elements making it possible to really clean up the game without a ton of RNG in your favor . It’s a perfect example of what a good remaster should be.

5. Valkyria Chronicles 4

With Valkyria Chronicles 4, Sega has effectively brought the popular JRPG series back to its tactical, turn-based roots.

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The game still features the same, timeless watercolor storybook graphics as previous games, and looks great on Switch. Valkyria Chronicles 4 follows the brand new Squad E, with a story that takes place during the same time as the events of the first game.

The combat system is also unique, and players must manually move their units across the battlefield in a mix of action and turn-based fashion, while also keeping an eye on what the enemy is doing.

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1 Xbox One.
2 Nintendo Switch.
3 PlayStation 4.
4 Nintendo 3DS.
5 Nintendo DS.
6 Playstation.
7 Super Nintendo.
8 Playstation 2.

1 The Grandia HD Collection.
2 Ys 9: Monstrum Nox.
3 Tales Of Arise.
4 Tales Of Graces F.
5 Star Ocean 3: Till The End Of Time.

1 Bloodborne.
2 Dark Souls. …
3 Hollow Knight.
4 The Surge.
5 Dark Souls 3.
6 Demon’s Souls.
7 Salt and Sanctuary