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How can I improve my PUBG mobile skills?

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played smartphone games. Every year the corporation organizes big money tournaments like PMCO, PMPL, Star Challenge, Crew Challenge etc. In such a competitive environment, some strategies are required to become better in a battle royale game like pubg mobile. It is not necessary to play PUBG with 2/3/4/5/10 claw set-up.

Instead, a good KD of 6 can be maintained if the basic thumb set-up is used well. It is not a matter of claw technique but of art, which can be mastered with regular practice. Here are some pro-level tips to get better at battle royale games like PUBG Mobile.

1. Head to the practice map to run drills

Playing the game will always be best practice, but you may need to take a step back to see more noticeable improvement signs. PUBG Mobile has an excellent practice range where you can train yourself for a variety of in-game situations. Choose different weapons and hit the moving targets from different ranges. Try to get the feel of each weapon’s bullet drop, which will increase your accuracy in the long range.

When you shoot at enemies that are far enough away from you, the speed of the bullet’s travel will also play a factor. You may need to shoot a little further or a little higher, depending on your weapon, and the practice range is the best place to get the hang of it.

2. Headphones are a must

PUBG Mobile is much more than just bullets and explosions. You need to be very careful of the enemies lurking around you, especially those who are in the camp. Having a good pair of headphones ensures that you can hear enemies approaching you on foot or in vehicles.

Using headphones can also help you get a fair idea of ​​gunfire fired nearby so that you can be alert to a possible impending attack. Also, headphones are a must if you are playing games with your friends for effective communication.

3. ALWAYS take a level three helmet

You’ll need a good helmet and vest if you want to win, so always grab the highest level when looting untouched equipment. But if after a fight you find level three damaged on the person you took down it can be difficult to know what to pick up and what to drop.

\The general rule here is actually pretty simple. Always take a Level 3 helmet, even if it’s close to being destroyed. A level three will always protect you from a headshot with the M24, and there is only one to do so. So it’s almost always worth it.

4. Know About Gun Combination

All players mostly prefer AKM+M416 in game, but others are also using AR with sniper. It’s not a big issue what your gun combination is, you stick to your gun combination as you get recoil control of the gun, develop the memory for recoil, and learn the ins and outs of weapons.

In the meantime, if you’re just starting out, don’t go for a rank raise. Instead, you’ll land at military bases, hot spots like Nova, George, and Pochinki, which is roughly a flight path, and you must aim for maximum kills. This process will reduce your KD ratio, but it will gradually increase as you improve your skills in the gameplay.

5. Spend Time Learning How To Kill

After all, if you intend to win in PUBG, you have to kill someone. It’s easy to devote a lot of your time in the game to stealth and survival, which can often land you in the top 10 in any given match. But in those last moments the experience of war becomes essential. you need some. It’s a worthy investment to spend a few PUBG matches just fighting, which is possible when you jump into dense areas where other players are likely to congregate (on the island map, there are pochinki and school hot spots ).

Getting a gun fast and getting used to the player’s strategy in a fight will make you more effective when a chicken dinner is on the line. Some players try to jump, others hit the dirt and fall prone when in danger, and many panic.

The experience will help you avoid failed and missed shots, and teach you what to expect from your guns. Spend some time looking for fights and don’t necessarily try to win just to get important practice rounds.

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