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Diablo 3 game review 2022

Think of Diablo 3 not just for its infamous launch, but of the incredible action-RPG that evolved over the years that followed. While its early existence was plagued by a host of problems (including a real-money auction house that was eventually demolished entirely and burned to the ground), Blizzard took this revival of a classic series into a classic and limitless form. managed to convert from into a reusable co-op. Demon-killing party.

It’s a game where pinatas are alive and shaped like candy swords, and it really hit its stride when its breakout Reaper of Souls expansion came out in 2014. Diablo 3 is still lovely to look at, full of interesting options and class synergies, and specially designed to keep you interested when the credits roll too far.

The graphics and special effects in this game are spectacular! Game play is smooth with no drop in frames or hiccups that I have noticed. The voice acting really stands out and doesn’t sound soft or robotic. As far as the story is concerned, it hasn’t bore me at all so far.

Truly positions itself as a pioneer of the genre! It also has excellent online action so you and your friends can hack your way. I really recommend picking up this title and getting all the DLC for it. I have this for PC and Nintendo Switch which plays surprisingly well on consoles, not to mention that you can get Nintendo accessories exclusive to the game.

This is the problem that arises when we talk about Diablo 3: it’s impossible to say without sounding like you either have a serious problem or you’ve just gotten into the most boring habit in the world.

They are two extremes, and not only are they both true, but they can both be true at the same time. But there’s a sensible middle ground, too, a good reason to play Diablo 3—it’s the world’s most chill, low-stakes game, a great way to de-stress alone or with a few friends, with nothing of consequence.

Feeling like you’re making progress. When I get a little overwhelmed but can’t justify being away from things for more than ten minutes, I can play Diablo 3. This is the version of the video game I imagine is like smoking.

Here’s how it works: You choose a character from one of seven classes, which each have a loose style of play—most classes do what you think. Barbarians dive into the thick of things, Wizards do shit from afar, and Witch Doctors conquer the crowd with mild racism.

As you play, your character gains experience and learns new skills, which come in various permutations for you to mix and match in fun ways. I’m a Necromancer, so I have this skill where I can blow up corpses with the touch of a button, and a flesh golem that will leap into hordes and explode into piles of corpses.

So a fun combination is to send this pile of corpses to a horde of monsters with one button, and then blow them all up with another, which will leave more corpses on the ground that I can then blow up , ad infinitum, until there are no longer monsters to kill.

(Diablo 3 is a game designed by people who look at heavy metal album covers all day and try to fit them all into one video game.)

The series’ next mainline entry, Diablo 4, will likely release in 2023 or later.

In the early days of Diablo 2, I thought this game was the best RPG game ever. I especially enjoyed the multiplayer aspect of it playing with multiple players and I also joined a guild (clan lol), which made it even more fun.

However, the only downside to D2 was that there were a lot of hacks, and hacking gear and your character was the popular way to make your character ‘god like’. This was overkill and ruined the experience for me because I’ve been hit a lot by these ‘player assassins’-PKs who used hacking programs to hex their gear and character.

Well, travel further to Diablo 3—I thought game developers really focused on the items and gears for each character, which, if used properly, could be gear and items. Can make your character ‘like a god’ or at least close to him. Blizzard seems to have tried to get rid of these abundant hacking abilities—though, I’m not too sure as I haven’t played online yet. But so far, I’ve found many great sets and better items. Game developers’ item-creation is much better in Diablo 3.

There’s more to the world of d3 though at times they lack direction and instructions and details as to why it’s so important to move and reach targets. So some players may get confused and quit playing together.

But if the player does a little more research (like I have), or plays frequently, I’ve found that shifting, goal-finishing, and reward completion increase Diablo’s interest and enjoyment. It’s really fun and probably the best couch co-op game out there right now. More gaming companies should spend more time making these types of games.