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5 best Female Free Fire characters after OB32 update

Free Fire is a popular battle-royal game with a different mechanism than other titles in the genre. The game offers its players a wide range of characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities.

5 best Female Free Fire characters after OB32 update: These characters can have a big impact on your matches so choosing the right one is extremely important.

There are many characters in the game and here are our picks of the top five female characters in Free Fire.

Free Fire features a massive roster of 43 characters with each character providing unique abilities to assist players on the battlefield. Developers introduce new characters with every major obi patch update. Recently, they have introduced two more new characters with the OB30 patch update. Let’s take a look at the top 5 female characters in Free Fire for 2022.



We are starting this list with one of the inactive characters in Free Fire. If you like to play as support for your team and help them in battle, then using a capella is your best option.

His abilities increase the healing effect by 10% and the HP lost by allies is reduced by 20%. Overall, these skills will give you the fortitude you need to face enemies using aggressive characters.

Capella users can stay in the backline in a chaotic fight and can use his active ability to provide short-term stability when a team is on the verge of being knocked out.


Laura is the last pick on our list. This character has one of the best abilities in the female category and is, therefore, suitable for almost every player.

His ability is called Sharp Shooter and is a passive ability. Selecting Laura will increase your ADS or Scope-in ​​accuracy by 10% to 30%, depending on your character’s level.

This ability affects fights a lot because firing your enemies using the scoped-in feature already increases accuracy by some amount and using a character like Laura will make it even better.

You can increase your accuracy by using her, so if your aim is good, choosing Laura will make you even stronger in the game.

This is our list of the top five female characters in Free Fire in 2021. Choose the one that suits you and dominate your enemies.


Paloma is for players who like to fire bullets at their enemies and prefer assault rifles to do the job. Paloma is a character who is a bit similar to Jay but with different abilities. Where the Jay has the option of quick reloading, the Paloma is excellent at carrying ammunition.

This character’s unique ability is known as Arms Dealing. Using this passive ability, players can carry extra ammo for their ARs without using up space in their backpack. As the character is leveled, the amount of ammunition increases.

This character can help you be more on the offensive side and dominate enemies by continuously firing at them. You don’t have to think about ammo because you can carry a little more than your enemies.

4. A124 

The A124 has an impressive active ability called ‘Thrill of Battle’. It quickly converts 25 EPs to HP with a 90-second cooldown at the initial level. With the increase in character level, the ability has also increased significantly.

It’s a great alternative to Ranked Mode because of its EP converting abilities. This is a list of the top 5 best female characters in Free Fire for 2022.

5. Elite Moco

The all-new Elite Moko was introduced on 18 September for the characters named Moko “Enigma”. Elite Moko comes with a special ability called ‘Enigma Eye’.

This is a passive skill that increases the marking time on your enemies. Marking on hit enemies at its base level lasts longer when enemies last for 2s.