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5 Best Characters in Free Fire

As time goes on and new content is added to Free Fire, many of its aspects evolve accordingly. Meta is no exception as the arrival of new characters like Alok, K, and even Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Chrono” rocked the gameplay as people tried them out and discovered their full potential.

In this regard, and as new guns are added and old ones are replaced, the meta shifts when new characters enter the scene as their skills may be far better than those currently present.

Top 5 best Garena Free Fire characters in 2022. Characters have become an integral part of Garena Free Fire these days. With almost every new update to Free Fire, Garena launches a new character. Each character has unique skills, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Character selection becomes the key to winning battles against enemies in the game.



DJ Alok is one of the most used and most famous characters in Free Fire. Players love his aggressive playing style and impressive abilities which make him top the list. DJ Alok has 8 levels and each level is upgraded to increase his ability and power.

Level 8 DJ Alok Max Out has an ability called “Drop the Beat”. This ability creates a 5m aura that increases ally’s speed by 15% and restores 5 HP for 10 seconds. Also, this effect cannot be stacked, making him almost invincible.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s in-game character is called Chrono, a warrior from another universe. He has a special ability called “Time Turner” which creates a sphere shield that protects everyone inside it. Enemies need to first take down the shield which is 600HP strong only then they can damage the characters inside it. Additionally, characters inside shields can shoot enemies outside without dealing 1 HP damage to themselves.

Chrono character also known as Christian Ronaldo (CR7 character). This item is available in Garena Free Fire’s Advanced Servers. Recently, this game has added a new update. Old players can use it for free. Connecting to advanced servers is required. You will get a free item if you are not connected to an advanced server.


Wolfrah is considered a 19-year-old Swedish video game streamer and esports player. Her real name is Leaf and her strength lies in playing first-person shooters. Following the popularity of Free Fire on streaming, this character fits into the game perfectly.

Wolfrah is a character who is a gamer and a dreamer. He loves people-watches them kill enemies. Therefore, his special ability called “Limelight” connects with each enemy he kills or spectators watching his gameplay, increasing the damage he does from enemy limbs by 3%, and from headshots by the same amount. Minimizes the damage caused. At max level the defense component has a maximum range of 30% and a damage limit of 20%.

4. Wukong

Players prefer the character of Wukong to the Clash Squad mode and he has a great influence in battle royale matches as well. Wukong’s camouflage ability lets the user become a bush and reduces speed by 20%. This ability activates for 15 seconds followed by a 300-second cooldown.

5. Alok

Due to the drop beat ability, Alok is the best character in Garena Free Fire Max as it constantly heals players on the battlefield. The ability is active for 10 seconds followed by a cooldown period of 45 seconds.

Alok is undoubtedly the best character in Free Fire 2022, thanks to his powerful ability called Drop the Beat which generates an aura of 5 meters, increases the speed of allies by 15%, and regenerates five HP for 10 seconds. Is. But the effect cannot be accumulated.

This is what makes Alok arguably the best character in Free Fire 2022 due to his ability to recharge HP. It can come clutch in minutes where players don’t have the core to restore their health. Alok’s increase in speed is also another factor that makes him the best character in Free Fire 2022.