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5 best Minecraft 1.19 update mods in 2022

After several snapshots and beta releases, Mojang has finally released the Minecraft 1.19 update, titled The Wild Update. This update adds new content to the Overworld in the form of new biomes, mobs, blocks, features, and more.

While the developers were busy working on Snapshot, the modding community was also working hard to port their mods to version 1.19 as soon as they were released. Several mods were available for version 1.19 right after The Wild Update was released.

Players won’t have to wait too long to try out Minecraft 1.19 mods, as popular mod loaders such as Fabric and Forge have also been updated to the latest version. In this article, players can find some amazing mods to play in the 1.19 update.

Enjoy The Wild Update using these 5 Minecraft mods

All mods on this list only work on the Minecraft Java version. We have selected and tested every mod that improves existing and new features of Minecraft 1.19. But no particular mod, regardless of its position on the list, is better than any other mod. You can use the table below to find out the mods that pique your interest.

1. MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

When it comes to furniture, there aren’t many options available in Minecraft. Players mostly have to use their natural creativity and imagination to come up with furniture ideas made out of existing blocks and objects. Fortunately, players can use mods to add beautiful furniture to the game.

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod is one of the most popular furniture mods in Minecraft. It is almost a decade old and still gets updated with every major game update. Players can install this mod to get over 80 unique pieces of furniture. They are craftable and can be obtained in Survival Mode.

2. More Villagers

Villagers are arguably the best mob in Minecraft because of how many resources players can get from them. With More Villagers Mod, players can add new villager businesses to the game.

More Villagers Mod introduces new workstations such as Oceanography Table, Forestry Table, Decayed Bench, etc., which allow players to assign new custom jobs to villagers. These new villagers also come with new and existing trades.

3. Add Fireflies to Minecraft 1.19

After the tragic end of Fireflies in the Minecraft 1.19 update, players are wondering what will happen to this little cute mob in it. Luckily, thanks to the lightsaber mod, you can now add fireflies and their different types to Minecraft. This mod is much older than the actual announcement of Fireflies, so you can see Fireflies inspired by the modder’s original design as well as the concept of the Wild update.

4. Minecraft 1.19 Trailer Recreation Mod

If you’ve seen any official Minecraft trailers in recent years, you may have noticed how smooth and different they look from vanilla games. To cover that tap and bring Minecraft closer to its trailer-like look, this modpack uses a variety of resource packs to change the game’s textures, animations, and even sounds. If nothing else, this mod makes your game run faster than usual.

5. Technopig Mod

Following in the footsteps of Minecraft developer Mojang, this mod pays tribute to YouTuber Technoblade, who we recently lost to cancer. This mod only adds a pig with a crown to the game. For it to appear, you just have to use a nametag to name the in-game pig “Technoblade”. The mod is simple and subtle, yet adds a lasting tribute to one of the best players the Minecraft community has ever seen.

6. Dimensional Dungeons

One thing that players have been eagerly waiting for is a new dimension in Minecraft. We can’t say for sure when the new dimension will come or what the next dimension might be, but this mode allows us to bring our imagination to life. It adds a new dungeon dimension to the game, which has its own structures, loot and gameplay restrictions. You even have to build a Nether Portal-like structure to enter it.

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