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5 best Minecraft 1.19 update mods in 2022

Like every other update, the Minecraft 1.19 update has added many new features to the game. But the developers are still far from fulfilling every feature demand of the players. Luckily, that doesn’t stop the community from doing the same by creating some great custom add-ons or mods for the game.

From new biomes to game-changing features, nothing is impossible. You just need to keep an open mind and install the best Minecraft 1.19 mods. But before you dive in, make sure to install Forge in Minecraft to make all mods run smoothly. With that said, let’s dive in and get started!

1. Dimensional Dungeons

One thing that players have been eagerly waiting for is a new dimension in Minecraft. We can’t say for sure when the new dimension will come or what the next dimension might be, but this mode allows us to bring our imagination to life.

It adds a new dungeon dimension to the game, which has its own structures, loot and gameplay restrictions. You even have to build a Nether Portal-like structure to get into it.

2. Biomes galore

The Wild Update introduced two new biomes to the Overworld: deep dark caves and mangrove swamps. Players are always excited and interested in new biomes and such players would love to play Biomes o’ Plenty Mode.

Biomes O’ Plenty is one of the most popular and downloaded mods for Minecraft. Just two days after the 1.19 update was released, the creators of Biomes O’ Plenty rolled out modern support for version 1.19.

As the name suggests, Biomes O’ Plenty is all about adding interesting biomes to the game. With this mod, players can find many new custom biomes in their world.

3. Oh The Biomes You’ll Explore

Most of the community felt cheated when Minecraft updated only one biome with The Wild update 1.19. But thanks to this mod, you don’t have to wait for Minecraft 1.20 to get more diverse biomes in the game.

All you need to do is install this mod to get new biomes in the Overworld, the Nether, and even the Last Dimension. All of these biomes have their own unique terrain, new blocks, new mobs, and lots of unique structures.

4. MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod

Even a decade after it was launched, Minecraft continues to offer us bedding and shoddy DIY creations in terms of furniture. But thanks to MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod, you can now have real furniture in the game.

We’re talking about sofas, drawers, tables, mailboxes and more. The best part is that they all have the iconic Minecraft design, so they can easily fit into any custom Minecraft map.

5. Faithless

This pack gives almost every block and item a unique texture to vary in build and easy differentiation, which in turn brings an RPG feel and more character and personality to everything in your game. It took heavy inspiration from classic Minecraft textures and music videos such as Fallen Kingdom.

6. Tooniverse

If you really want to make Minecraft feel like a brand new game, Tooniverse is the perfect resource pack for you. Tooniverse is designed to look clean, but with crisp HD textures and a unique color palette that makes the default Minecraft look dull! The cartoon style is consistent throughout the pack to make you really immerse yourself in the cartoon world. Expect a lot of attention to detail, with multiple 3D models and lots of random texture variations.

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